What Maintenance is Required to Prolong the Life of Your Parking Lot?

What Maintenance is Required to Prolong the Life of Your Parking Lot?

Parking lots are generally built to last, and irrespective of whether they are paved with asphalt or concrete, they should remain in good condition for many years. However, if the lot is not maintained, you could see it begin to deteriorate much quicker than expected. But how do you do this? What maintenance is required to ensure the parking lot lasts for as long as possible? 

Parking Lot Maintenance

The experts at Parking Lot Pros say that asphalt or concrete maintenance is really important as it ensures that you get the most from the lot. After all, you are likely to have spent quite a bit of money getting the parking lot built or paved, so it makes sense to put in the work to ensure it lasts a long time. 

Regular maintenance means more than just cleaning it regularly, although this is a task that should not be overlooked. Cleaning the parking lot frequently will not only keep it in good condition, but it will also ensure that it looks good. An impressive looking parking lot will reflect well on your business. 

If your business regularly takes delivery of large orders and is used by heavy vehicles, it is a good idea to create a specific loading and unloading area that is away from the main parking area. Continuous heavy traffic on asphalt can cause cracks and hence shorten its lifespan. 

Speaking of cracks in asphalt or concrete, you should make sure that these are filled as soon as they are noticed. Cracks allow water to penetrate the parking lot paving. If not repaired quickly, the water can seep in and result in larger cracks, which will then compromise the base of the parking lot. 

Seal coating is something that you should consider too. This is a protective layer placed over the surface of the parking lot that prevents ice and water from penetrating the surface through cracks. It can also protect the parking lot from chemical and oil spillages that could cause degradation over time. Seal coating is considered a necessary part of maintenance for asphalt in particular. It does need to be reapplied every few years. 

It is also a good idea to address any issues with drainage the parking lot might have. Standing water is a big problem in parking lots and can affect the lifespan if it is allowed to seep into the surface. It is also a health and safety risk for those who use the parking lot too as it can cause slips and accidents. 

Establishing a Maintenance Routine

Now that you know what is involved in parking lot maintenance, it is recommended that you create a schedule that will allow you to keep on top of it. Assign someone to take care of the parking lot cleaning. If you are not hiring someone specifically to do this, you could create a roster for existing staff, or take care of it yourself. 

You will need to regularly check the drains, perform visual inspections to identify any cracks, and make sure that repairs are taken care of promptly. Any spillages of oil and other chemicals will need to be cleaned up immediately to prevent degradation of the seal coating and asphalt beneath. 


To prolong the life of your parking lot it is recommended that you maintain it regularly. Your parking lot will need to be cleaned and repaired as necessary to ensure it looks good and lasts as long as possible. For asphalt parking lots, regular seal coating is recommended to protect it from water, oil, and other chemicals.

About the Author: Norma G. Price