Effects of Accidents on a Business

Effects of Accidents on a Business

Accidents don’t just happen during regular working hours, they can strike during off hours, meaning they can affect your business in a variety of ways. From property damage to company losses, accidents can lead to you losing a lot of money. Even minor accidents can lead to downtime that’s costly, but if you’ve been in more serious accidents, they could also lead to loss of business.

The good news is that you can always get compensation for any injuries sustained due to accidents in the workplace. 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Attorneys, for example, fight for the rights of victims of the 9/11 terror attack, including businesses. 

But what are the effects of accidents on a business?

Financial Loss

The less obvious and often unrecoverable costs of a strike are: 

1) The lost productivity of the business. The longer the strike goes on the more cost will be incurred in this area. Management should be planning to have a number of days’ worth of paperwork completed, a number of products completed, etc. by the day the strike ends. To the extent possible, it is a good idea to consider what the end of the strike will look like, from a productivity perspective. 

2) The lost production of the business. The strike will not only cost the business money, but it will also cost it in production, which will affect its ability to recover from the strike. 

Physical Harm to Employees

Physical injury to workers is one of the major effects of an accident at the workplace. Injuries are caused by physical trauma, heat or burns, and toxic or infectious materials. The frequency of injuries is to a great extent due to deficiencies in the working environment, lack of training, non-adherence to safety regulations, and ignoring the use of protective equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Act which was enacted in 1970 is enforced to ensure safe practices at the workplace. It is a criminal offense to not follow the prescribed safety measures.

Psychological Effects

Workplace injuries are often just a physical hazard, but they also have psychological effects on workers, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD. That’s according to a new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, which assessed 144 workers injured at work, along with 116 control subjects. 

Overall, workers who were injured were more likely to report symptoms of anxiety and depression, and the more severe their injury, the more likely those symptoms were to emerge. Injured workers were also more likely to take sick leave, and to have more trouble with things like concentrating on tasks, and doing their jobs.

Damaged Employer- Employee Relationship

The employer-employee relationship is often strained after an employee has been injured at work. The nature of the relationship is such that employees will feel a sense of loyalty, obligation, and obligation to their employer and may not be forthcoming to the employer regarding the extent of their injuries and limitations. 

While the relationship may be strained, it remains intact and the employer may, despite the strained relationship, still be able to provide some assistance to the injured employee.


Accidents are unexpected and can create many emergency situations when businesses need immediate action to handle the situation. Businesses should prepare for a sudden emergency situation to prevent accidents. Also, it is important to train employees to handle emergency situations. Businesses should also create a business continuity plan that includes all the actions to be taken when a disaster occurs.

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